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Electric storm safety

We work to make sure you have safe and reliable energy, but occasionally the weather or other circumstances can create issues. We’re always ready to respond to issues caused by severe weather. We monitor weather conditions and forecasts, so we know when a storm might strike. Our highest priority is to provide you with safe, reliable service Here’s how you can stay safe before, during and after a storm.

Before the storm

Before the storm, we prepare our crews and make sure we have the necessary people in place to mobilize. When the situation calls for it, we have arrangements with outside contractors and other utilities to send crews to help restore service.

  • Set up an emergency drawer or kit that’s easy to access, even in the dark. Stock it with fresh batteries, a battery-powered radio and a flashlight. Avoid using candles, lanterns or oil lamps because they can present a fire risk. Be sure everyone in the family knows where the emergency drawer or kit is located.
  • If any member of your family is on life support, plan for arrangements to get them to a location where their needs can be met if electric service is interrupted. Also call us at 888-890-5554 to make sure we've noted a life-support system exists at your home.

Stay up-to-date on efforts we’re taking to prepare for impending storms, weather related outages and news in your area on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

During the storm 

Temporary electrical outages can be caused by lightning, snowstorms, high winds or equipment failure. If an electrical service interruption occurs, we’ll make every effort to restore your power as quickly as possible.

We know these situations are an inconvenience, and we appreciate your patience as we work to restore service.

If your power is out, report your outage online. Call 911 if you’re in danger or have a medical emergency. Call our emergency number at 888-890-5554 if you see damaged utility equipment.

After the storm

Every storm is different, but our crews always work hard to safely and efficiently restore the energy you depend on.

Stay up-to-date on post-storm information by following our Facebook or Twitter pages. We also share information with local media.